Adding a little green to your day

Adding a little green to your day

Jess shares some ways that you can add a little green to your day!

Given how little anyone has been able to do during the past year as a result of the pandemic, you’ve got to take every chance you have to celebrate. As a cool mom, you probably want to be able to give a nod to St. Patrick's Day without looking like a walking shamrock. In that case, why not do it in style? Here are five fun ways to add green to your wardrobe this St. Patrick's Day.

Dress for the weather.

Although Spring is just around the corner, it’s likely your St. Patrick's Day will still be on the chilly side. In order to stay cute and comfortable, consider purchasing a green sweater dress as a way to celebrate this annual event.


There's nothing better than knowing you'll get a lot of mileage out of an outfit that you've bought for a niche event, like St. Patrick's Day. A forest green sweater dress isn't overtly related to the holiday, but checks all of the boxes in terms of weather, color, and cuteness. It's an elevated way to celebrate this public holiday and flatters just about any body type. 


Make a statement with fabulous, green footwear.

According to Psychology Today, people do actually judge you based on your footwear. On this St. Patrick's Day, use that knowledge as power. If you usually have a muted wardrobe—in terms of color—you can really make a statement with colorful footwear.

 If most of your shoes are scuffed up and caked in mud from chasing after your kiddos at the park, you're certainly not alone. That just means you need a durable shoe brand to fit your fashion and lifestyle. Rothy's shoes are machine washable and made sustainably, making them convenient and environmentally friendly. Their Green Botanicamo flats are perfect for kicking it on St Patrick's Day and beyond. 

I also love these green sneakers. They are from Cariuma and are perfect for adding a little green to your day. 


Embrace the work-from-home look.

If you're still wearing work pants or more formal jeans to your Zoom meetings, it's important to ask yourself...why? Due to the pandemic, joggers are a way of life now. Unlike sweatpants, you can pair them with nice tops for a comfortable, but put-together aesthetic. In other words, you can look like a hottie, and still be able to pick up all the kid's toys from the floor. 

 If bright green isn't your thing, consider buying your joggers in park green color. It ticks off the requirement for green clothing, which will keep Saint Patrick's pinchers away, while still being true to your own fashion sense. Pair them with a white button-up shirt to complete your look.


Accessorize like a St. Patrick's Day boss.

The best way to elevate any outfit is with accessories. It can really take a look from drab to fab in the most simple way. Incorporate green hair accessories to complete your look. You can fold up a green bandana for a Rosie the Riveter vintage feel or dig through your drawers for a big green scrunchie, because they're finally back in style! If you threw all of yours out, thinking they'd never be cool again, shop online for a velvety green scrunchie to really keep up with the times.

 I know Natalie is all about earrings so I wanted to add these for her. They are made from polymer clay and are so light and easy to wear. Check them out on Etsy.

Safety first!

There are some in-person celebrations happening outdoors for St. Patrick's Day, despite the pandemic. It may not be the full-fledged parade with floats and Irish dance like usual, but in some places, the bagpipes will play on. If you're interested in joining the spectators for events, like dying the Chicago River green, it's important that you approach the festivities with an abundance of caution.

 Your wardrobe can add safety to the day's celebrations. If you're going to partake, order yourself a green face mask. That way you can show your Irish spirit while keeping yourself and others safe. Before ordering your mask, take a look at the guidelines about what constitutes the best face mask. This is one place in your life where function is even more important than fashion.

Just like St. Patrick banished snakes from the Republic of Ireland in the fifth century, you can banish the monotony of the pandemic with your strong wardrobe choices. Have fun, step outside your comfort zone, and make your friends green with envy over your St. Patrick's Day look.

Hope you love these ideas and are thinking of how you are going to be adding a little green to your day. 

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