Christmas Holiday Mocktails

Christmas Holiday Mocktails

Here's some of our favorite Christmas Holiday Mocktails

Cranberry Mojito

I love mint and fresh tasting cocktails. I actually grew this mint. Fun fact, I have a green thumb and enjoy gardening. Mint is a pretty easy plant to grow. I use it for mocktails and to add as greenery for small bouquets I like to pick. Spending time in the yard is a great distraction and nice way to escape. Do you have a green thumb?
Recipe: Mix our Escape Mocktail non alcoholic Mojito with a splash of cranberry juice. Garnish with mint and cranberries.

Spiced Rum and Coke

Recipe: Mix our non alcoholic spiced rum and Coke. Top off with a cherry.  

For an extra bit of sweetness, add a dash of cherry juice

Cinnamon and Sugar Coffee

Merry Christmas! I enjoyed one of our mocktails this evening as I relax by the fire and take in all of the joy from the day. I spiced up my coffee with some non alcoholic Cinnamon Whiskey, vanilla creamer and warm coffee.

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