Escape to: Joshua Tree

Escape to: Joshua Tree


Escape to Joshua Tree 

This winter I took a vacation and escaped to Joshua Tree. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Palm Springs - the warm air, the dessert landscape and the mid century modern vibe. This time, it was an adults only trip so I thought we should venture over to Joshua Tree. We had bought a parks pass for the year so it gave us free access to enter. 


Joshua Tree is also the closest National Park from LA and San Diego. 


It a different type of landscape and a lot more dessert like. I’m glad I was able to visit another National Park. California has so many beautiful locations to visit. 


We entered the park through the South entrance at Cottonwood Springs. I’d recommend getting gas and a bite to eat in Palm Spring area. The way we came into the park, there really wasn’t much close by. 


Joshua Tree was quite a bit cooler than Palm Springs so you may want to pack a jacket. We went in winter time, which may be cooler than visiting in the summer. 


We stayed on the main roads and stopped to get photos. My favorite was the Cholla Cactus Gardens and then seeing the landscape change to tall Joshua Trees. The park got its name from the tree. The National Park says, “By the mid-19th century, Mormon immigrants had made their way across the Colorado River. Legend has it that these pioneers named the tree after the biblical figure, Joshua, seeing the limbs of the tree as outstretched, guiding the travelers westward. 


There were some interesting rock formations in the park too. Joshua Tree is known for its stargazing. Id bet it would be pretty amazing out there to see the stars too. 


If you are visiting Palm Springs and have some extra time, consider venturing over to Joshua Tree. 


For me, vacations allow me to escape the everyday and recharge with a new perspective. I normally get a great idea or 2 from being away from the normal parts of life. 


On of my hobbies is photography. I was able to take my camera out for some photos and get some mocktail pictures too. Being outside doing something I enjoy makes me happy! 


If I were drinking non alcoholic beverages in Joshua Tree, I’d escape with a Cadillac Margarita and Mezcal. 

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