Mocktail Mood

Mocktail Mood

Mocktail Mood

Your Escape Awaits - We have an Escape Mocktail to Match Your Mood



Mocktail Mood - Looking to escape to Italy, take in the sites, and wander the streets?  The Negroni is the mocktail of choice for you.  The Negroni is the cocktail of Italy and enjoyed as in aperitif, right before a meal.  The meal I’m dreaming of eating is a big bowl of fresh pasta with a fresh bruschetta and gelato for dessert.  Your trip starts off to Rome, where you walk the Spanish steps and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, next you are whisked off in a Vespa to the Amalfi Coast or villa in Tuscany. 


Sweet Potato Vodka

Mocktail Mood - Sip on this mocktail while relaxing in a hammock set between two large sycamore trees.  This mocktail is for the country gal or guy who enjoys taking the time to relax, a summer picnic and the silence of only the stars and moon at night.  Mix the The Sweet Potato Vodka mocktail  for a sweet southern cocktail or as a dessert drink- this sweet potato pie.  This cocktail is best enjoyed outdoors or with a meal of bbq ribs, baked beans and apple pie.  


Cinnamon Whisky

Mocktail Mood - Feeling red hot?  Drink our non alcoholic spicy, cinnamon flavored whisky.   This spirit warms your heart.  It’s a perfect drink if you wanted to share a little hotness with a special friend.  Cuddle up and sip on some Cinnamon Whiskey. 



Mocktail Mood - in the mood for something refreshing? It’s a hot day, your toes are in the sand, the ocean is in the background and a Mojito is in my hand. 

This minty Mocktail is the perfect escape to somewhere tropical like a white sand beach. It’s for the person who is in the mood for something fun and fresh. 



Mocktail Mood - Grab a blanket and snuggle next to the fire. This non alcoholic spirit is warm and comforting. It’s for cold nights and long days. It’s soul warming. 


Cadillac Margarita

Mocktail Mood - In need of some summer vibes? No matter what the weather is outside, let our Cadillac Margarita Mocktail take you away to a warm summer day! 



Mocktail Mood - Palm trees sway in the wind and you are watching the sun set over the water. The sweet taste of tequila with a hint of vanilla relaxes you. Your calm and cozy in your beach chair. 


Peanut Butter Whisky 

Mocktail Mood - Your couch is calling and you’re ready to binge watch your favorite show. It’s been a long day and you want something sweet and nutty to sip on.



Mocktail Mood - When I think of Scotch, I think of the green hills of Scotland.  It makes me want to escape to a misty land where I’d sip a glass of Scotch while enjoying fish and chips at a local pub.  Then, I’d settle into my Inn for the night and dream of exploring the cliffs of the countryside. 


Spiced Rum

Mocktail Mood - Looking to sail the 7 Seas?  Well…drinking our spiced rum won’t turn you into Sailor Jerry, but it may help you escape on your own voyage.  



Mocktail Mood - A restful escape to the snow awaits you. Think skiing during the day and a warm fire at night.  The slopes are calling and a whisky is waiting for you.


Moscow Mule

Mocktail Mood - Getting together with friends in person or on a Zoom chat?  Enjoy a Moscow Mule mocktail.  The refreshing taste is relaxing with a splash of fun.


Old Fashion

Mocktail Mood - Enjoy this classic cocktail while brainstorming our next marketing move.  Channel Joan Holloway and Don Draper from Mad Men.  



Mocktail Mood - Feeling jazzy? Then you are in the mood for a Manhattan. This is classy sophistication in a glass.  Settle in with some Miles Davis, Billie Holiday or John Coltrane. 



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