My story: How I became more mindful with my drinking

My story: How I became more mindful with my drinking

My story: How I became more mindful with my drinking

I want to change the mommy drinking culture.  

Yes, I was guilty of being that mom. I was a wine mom. When my daughter was 4 she knew Mommy drank wine and Daddy drank beer. It wasn’t Mommy drinks water and Daddy drinks tea. She went right to the alcohol versions. 

Here’s my story on how I became more mindful with my drinking.

It’s kind of sad to think that. It’s kind of sad to also think that the last 20 years of my life revolved around drinking alcohol. I started out as a social drinker who liked the boost of fun alcohol gave me - I could talk more, dance more, and laugh more. In college my extra curricular activities included going out to the bars. Out of college, my relationships included going out to get drinks. I was the fun person to be around and could drink as much as the guy sitting next to me. I guess I thought I was fun because I was always going out.  But, looking back it really wasn't a fun time in my life. After I had the feel good buzz going, I'd keep drinking to keep that buzz, but then I would dip down to the angry drunk person. Then, I'd get sick and then be useless the next morning.  Many times my anxiety was worse after the days of drinking a few nights in a row.  I felt like I had to recharge and get a good nights sleep.  

My relationships even revolved around drinking. It turned out that I had a drinking buddy instead of a spouse. Apparently we were drinking to numb some kind of pain. I'd also get him to drink because he opened up more about his emotions when he had a few beers in him. 


Then, I became a mom. Life started to get a little more serious.  I stopped drinking when I was pregnant and would enjoy a mocktail in a pretty glass. I remember being in a bar with my husband on Halloween, pregnant, and thinking how weird it was that I wasn’t drinking. A few years after our little one, life became overwhelming. I was so busy working, balancing a new baby, being a wife, having the house to take care of and all the added pressures. I turned to drinking to dull life. Covid hit and I’d drink hard alcohol on the rocks and started clearing out the alcohol cabinet. 

My life changed in 2020, like it did for a lot of us. 

I wanted to feel better about myself. 

As a mom, I neglected me (the person that really mattered the most), I let toxic people into my life, and I was stressed and overwhelmed. I changed because I just wanted to feel bright again and be a strong confident woman for my daughter. I’m so thankful to have the drive and energy back in me. 

Now, my daughter says mommy drinks mocktails. She draws mocktail pictures for me and helps with our photo shoots. I want to be a positive role model with my daughter and not have her think mom needs her wine to survive. 

I’ve had my struggles with alcohol. But, I’m ready to change the mom drinking culture and share my story! I know some of my friends will laugh when they hear I’m not drinking like I used to, but I hope my story inspires them to cut down on their alcohol. 

So, tonight, you will find this Mama needing a....mocktail. 

Then tomorrow night, I may be trying a non alcoholic beer or even just fizzy water in a fun glass. Yes, there's something to drinking out of a nice glass. 

Are you ready to rethink how you drink and reach for a Mocktail instead? 

Hope you hear my story and you can think before you drink. I became more mindful with my drinking and I know if you are ready too, you can be that way also. I'd love to hear from you. Email me at .


Natalie, Mama with a Mocktail

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