Self Love and Self Care

Self Love and Self Care

Self Love and Self Care

Lisa talks about self love and self care and how she made some positive changes in 2020 that helped her to love herself more. 


Lisa writes…

2020 was the year of challenges, transformation and change. 


I personally underwent such a dramatic transformation in my personal and professional life.


My mantra for 2020 was “scare myself daily,” but I knew in order to counteract that, I had to have something that would make me feel centered, balanced and grounded.


Over the last few years, I’ve really tried to connect with my mind, body and soul and understand the root cause of the consistent burnout I kept cycling back into being a mom and business owner.


The underlying theme that I kept circling back to was: Take care of yourself, Lisa!


Yeah, but we all feel that as women, don’t we? Too little time in the day, the task list is just a little too long and we never have that moment of peace and calm for ourselves to embrace.


But I knew that if I wanted to do the scary things I was about to jump into, I had to cultivate an emotionally strong environment that balanced the chaos.


And then I found Hal Elrod.


If you don’t know about him yet, then I highly recommend looking him up. He’s undergone challenges that most of us cannot comprehend, and yet despite it all, he’s a supportive, positive and uplifting individual.


I’m always diving into self-help and personal development books so that I can help guide my free community, Millionaire Mamas Club and I happened to pick up his book, The Miracle Morning.


And it completely changed my life...


For the last 10 months, I have been waking earlier to have the “me time” I’ve always needed. And when I say wake, I mean literally leap out of bed in excitement every morning.


Some days it’s an ample amount of time, other days it’s a little burst just to help fuel me for the challenges that lie ahead that day.


Self love is about self care and in the month of love, I think we could all use a little more love for ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love those around us to our full potential?


The Miracle Morning is about that inner peace, the dialogue with ourselves that we crave and the ability to learn and grow a little each day.


Whether you commit a full hour to it or just 20 minutes, this act of self love helps inspire you to gain the courage necessary to tackle the challenges of growth we seek in this life.


Here’s a breakdown to help you get started on your Miracle Morning Journey through SAVERS:


S: Silence

Clear and calm. Spend 3-5 minutes elevating your mind and body through paused silence and breathing. Close your eyes, clear your mind of clutter and just focus on your inhale and exhale.


A: Affirmations

You are what you believe yourself to be. Spend 2-3 minutes reading over some affirmations that help you affirm positive beliefs about yourself. Think about how you can act in order to reflect this in your daily life. 


I am brave.

I am energetic.

I am loving.

I am fulfilled.


V: Visualization

Visualize it to make it happen. Spend 5 minutes planning your day. What does it look like? What challenges will you face and visualize how you can tackle them successfully. This gives you the momentum to conquer each day with poise and confidence.


E: Exercise

Move and groove. Spend 10-30 minutes stretching, practicing yoga or actually getting your sweat on. This helps boost your mood and makes you feel accomplished first thing in the morning.


R is for Reading

Learn and grow. Spend 10-20 minutes reading something that helps give you confidence and elevates your mind. The objective is to give you motivation and insight into yourself. 

(Psst, I have my own book coming soon you will have to check out)


S is for Scribing

Write and reflect. Spend 5-10 minutes writing to yourself. It can be in the form of a diary or notes about your goals, dreams or current mental health. Healing and growth occur when we release our thoughts.


In conclusion, nourishing your soul is vital to living a fulfilled and peaceful life. Whether you do these in order, pick and choose, or mix them up, all of these are powerful tools toward granting you peace, calm and clarity.


Start small.

Make this easy and fun to implement into your life.

Be relentless about your self love and care.

You are worth it.




Lisa Autry

Founder & CEO

The Daughter Diaries, Inc.


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