St. Patrick's Day Mocktail and Meal

St. Patrick's Day Mocktail and Meal

Going Green - Read more about how Michelle set up a St. Patrick's Day Mocktail and Meal for her and her husband.

So here we are, March already. It’s a transitional time, spring is fighting its way thru while it’s still pretty cold in many areas. But the signs of rebirth are there. Plants are full of new growth, daffodils and tulips are blossoming, robins and their nests are in abundance. 

Valentines just passed and I am eager to arrange a little something special for me and the huz. So, I decided to set up a St. Patrick's Day mocktail and meal. I see many getting the Easter gear out already but before we get too carried away, we should not forget to recognize St. Patrick’s Day. I understand it’s not a big holiday, we don’t get the day off and this year it’s on a Wednesday, right smack dab in the middle of the work week. But that just seems like a great excuse to kick of your shoes and order your favorite pizza for an impromptu picnic with your significant other.


I set up my picnic near the fireplace, but it’s been pretty warm lately, like in the low 70’s! So, I decided against building a fire and filled the firebox with logs wrapped in twinkly lights instead. I also added soft blankets and floor cushions for added comfort. Don’t forget candles and soft music, I didn’t! If you have those short wooden picnic tables popular at outdoor concerts and festivals, or elevated bed trays, perfect. If not perch trays on short stools or ottomans or use your coffee table as a dinner table.

Because I didn’t want us to work too hard for this, I just ordered pizza from our favorite spot. To elevate it a little and to be festive, I added a shamrock made out of basil leaves! I wanted to incorporate more veggies, so I made caprese salad-on-a-stick as well. It’s super simple and delicious. Simply add small mozzarella cheese balls (bocconcini), cherry tomatoes and basil to a toothpick, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and don’t forget the cracked pepper. Now we have pizza and a salad, and we still don’t need utensils.

Now that we have the food figured out, we need drinks. A mocktail would be perfect and in honor of St. Patricks’ Day let’s get festive and add a touch of green to our drink too. This drink idea is so refreshing! It's called a Shamrock Mocktail -  start with a pitcher of lemon-lime drink mix, add equal parts ginger ale and pineapple juice. Top with a shot of your favorite Escape Mocktail mix.  I'd suggest tequila, mezcal, or our mojito mix for a little more mint flavor. Serve your Shamrock Mocktail over glasses filled with crushed ice and garnish with a lime slice and mint. I added a little green food coloring to give it that pop of green.


While this little picnic is a sweet and romantic couple idea, it can also be a fun event for the whole family. Kids love a picnic, having an excuse to sit on the floor and eat food with their hands is always a winner and if you have that fireplace, then s’mores for dessert is a really fun and delicious treat.

Speaking of dessert, though we did not end up making that fire, I still wanted s’mores for dessert. We went for it and roasted marshmallows over the candles! It worked y’all! We added a gourmet twist to this timeless favorite. Instead of graham crackers I used tea biscuits, instead of plain chocolate, I used Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, I wanted homemade marshmallows but just went with jumbo ones from the store instead. They were so decadent and delicious.

Hope you enjoy a St. Patrick's Day mocktail and meal this month. 

Taking the time to celebrate milestones and occasions no matter how big or small is a good way of keeping your spirits up. It’s also a sweet way to show your love and affection to the people who mean the most to you. Celebrate life! 

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