Take Action on Your Goals

Take Action on Your Goals

Take Action on Your Goals - by Lisa Autry.

When Natalie asked if I would come and discuss goals with you all, I was honored and excited. I truly feel women are better together, and so when we are working together to advance in life, our success seems to exponentially compound.

I wanted to dive in a little deeper with you all, however, on what really propels us forward in life. It ain’t just the goals, pretty lady! It's about the steps to take action on your goals. 

Goals will remain just dreams until you take tangible action. And just the same, goals will remain dreams until you believe in yourself.

So grab your Moscow Mule Mocktail, and let’s dive in!


Here's 3 steps to take action on your goals and some questions to get you thinking more about actionable goals.

Step 1: Conquer your Limiting Beliefs

“Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can't, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.” - David J Schwartz

What does what you’re wanting to achieve mean to your life?

Who are you becoming through this goal you set?

What are you hoping to achieve in the big picture and will this goal get you closer?

We have to believe in ourselves and what we are doing to push ourselves forward in life. You don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it.

You want to quit drinking for your health, so switching to a healthier non-alcoholic option can help you get there. Believing in what you are doing is necessary for success!

I personally tell my clients to use Positivity Post-It’s around the house to conquer those limiting beliefs.

Step 2: Plan & Goal Set

“If you don’t have clarity, you don’t have any power.” - Hal Elrod

Having clarity around a goal is crucial in order to attain that goal.

My acronym is about making a SMART goal. Here is what the means:






What are your objectives, can you measure them, are they realistic and can you achieve this in a timely manner?

Step back first and ask yourself WHY you want this.

Then begin to brainstorm WHEN this will happen.

And then we begin laying out HOW we will accomplish this task.

Once you create your SMART goal, this is known as your lag measure. But now in order to act, we have to attach lead measures, the tasks you will do daily to move yourself forward.

Step 3: Act

“Unless we consistently hold each other accountable, the goal naturally disintegrates in the whirlwind.” - Sean Covey

Oh, the whirlwind: aka our daily chaos.

House, kids, job, etc., the whirlwind is always there to try to distract us from our goal we want to achieve.

I love in the last blog article Natalie wrote on creating the word for the year. I, myself, have a mantra for the year that is my backer to remind myself everything I do and why I do it.  This simple mantra or word will help remind you of your goal, even when chaos is striking.

In order to create a compelling scoreboard to track our progress, all you need to do is create a checklist of things you need to do daily for your goal. A compelling scoreboard is a system for tracking what you are doing and helps move yourself forward each day.

It’s also exciting to see if you can check all your boxes off. We all love competition and competition with our lead measures is crucial in our success.

Remember: It’s the process that will help us see success, not just the progress we attain, embrace it and challenge yourself. Hopefully, these 3 simple steps will get you to take action on your goals. 

So grab your favorite Escape Mocktail and let’s make this your best year yet!

Until later,

Lisa Autry

Founder & CEO

The Daughter Diaries, Inc.



Read more about Lisa on her website and learn more about becoming a mom boss. 

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