Valentine's Day In

Valentine's Day In

Michelle gives her take on how to have a romantic Valentine's Day in this year! Read more on her tips and how she makes the day special for her and her husband.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s the first since the pandemic and I really want to make it special for me and the huz! Want to know a big secret? It doesn’t take much effort at all for it to appear that way. Just try some of my suggestions below and your significant other will be thrilled.


Set the scene:

Set up a romantic table scape. It doesn’t have to be huge and elaborate either. I will set up a small table for two. All you need to make it festive is red or pink napkins, flowers (I picked camellias from my yard), candles and something cute like chocolates as a favor. I have also set up my cart with everything we’ll need for a delicious and romantic meal. To set up your cart, start with the important stuff, food and drink. Once we make sure there is sustenance, we can fill in our cart with pretty accessories. Flowers are a must. I’ve picked up a bunch of beautiful posies from Trader Joe’s, one of my favorite places for flowers. I’ve also decided to take advantage of the great selection of paper goods out there. I snagged some really cute napkins from Homegoods. I will also add a Valentine’s Day advent calendar to the mix. On February 1st, I will hang 14 bags of chocolates and other treats my hubby loves to my Valentine’s themed wall hanging. He is guaranteed a sweet treat everyday up until the 14th. This is a fun way to pump up excitement for the day and to remind him it’s coming up, what are you getting me sweetie?


Liquor-Free Libations:

Start with a refreshing mocktail! Today I am making a Sweet Heart - it's my take on a refreshing tequila mocktail.  It's made with muddled Raspberries (for that touch of pink), fresh mint, sparkling grapefruit seltzer, and a splash of non - alcoholic tequila. It's a refreshing and fun spritzer.  You can make it special with floral ice cubes which are very easy to make. Use edible flowers and instead of plain water use flavored seltzer water. You can also customize store-bought items like stir sticks. I simply poked pink and purple pom-poms thru a skewer to make mine. 


Feed the soul:

Now that we have drinks, we need food. There is no shortage of sweets when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I’ve put together a sweet and savory charcuterie board for the occasion. Here I’ve included frosted cookies, red licorice bits, and gum balls to savory items like cheese, salami and fig crackers. You can really make this a meal by adding hot appetizers like sliders, wings, tea sandwiches, quiche and meatballs.



Music Soothes the Savage Beast:

Ask Alexa to play romantic songs, or get a Valentine’s Day play list together. Just think about all the songs that mean something to you as a couple, romantic or otherwise. You should have no problem getting a list together to fill up a couple of hours.


Romantic Movie:

You can also arrange to have a romantic movie playing. Netflix, Hulu and On Demand are all great places to look for one. I like The Notebook and my cousin likes Natural Born Killers, while they may differ wildly in their content, both are love stories. You have a pulse on what interests your partner, keep that in mind when you make your selection. Or select a few and make deciding on one a game; pick a name out of a hat or hide a selection under a dessert.



Don’t stress out, these sound like a lot but they really aren’t. A little pre-planning is all it takes to ensure you and your partner have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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