Watch what you drink on Cinco de Mayo

Watch what you drink on Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with drinking less - 

It’s almost time for Cinco de Mayo, which means bright colors, festive mariachi music, tacos, and—you guessed it—tequila. Tequila is great, but it’s not always reasonable, especially when you consider that Cinco de Mayo is on a Wednesday this year. Try our non-alcoholic tequila and other mocktails. Whether you’re practicing sobriety or just know you can’t show up for work on Thursday hungover, you may be wondering how to avoid this spirit that will certainly haunt you if you have too much. Cinco de No Drinko doesn’t have to be a bummer. You just need a little inspiration to make it fun! Here are a few ways you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year sans alcohol. 

Other ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is to have some margarita mocktails.  We have a tasty non-alcoholic Cadillac Margarita and Mezcal. These two are perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo alcohol free. 

Get your casa in on the celebration. 

One of the best parts about going out on Cinco de Mayo is the environment. Every restaurant is impeccably decorated with pennant banners and vibrant hues. If you’re avoiding alcohol, you may want to stay in this year. That doesn’t mean you should let your place look drab. Celebrate in the ways you can by decorating your house for the occasion! We’ve shopped some favorites for decorating from Party City. also has some really cute decorations. You could just decorate the kitchen if you want, but why not go big? Extend your streamers and chili shaped lights out into your outdoor patio area. Buy a blowup cactus! You’re sure to immediately feel more festive. Also, if you have kids, it’s a great way to get them involved. 

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Test your cooking skills.  

If you live in a city, there’s a good likelihood that you have an authentic Mexican grocery store in your area. Go out and support a local business by buying corn tortillas and bona fide Mexican spices. Be aware that you may need to add less of any given spice depending on your heat tolerance. Bring all of your ingredients back to your home, pop on your chef hat, and try preparing something truly tasty, like carnitas huevos rancheros or tamales. If something doesn’t go as planned, you can always order pick-up from your favorite Mexican restaurant. 

(Tacos by me)


Throw a piñata party! 

Now that you have food and decorations, you’ve got to throw your own fiesta! Invite a few of your friends over and challenge them to bring their own dishes. Whoever makes the worst dish has to eat a habanero pepper—just kidding. 


The only thing missing from this shindig is a specialty drink. If you’re missing the flavor of tequila, you can find non-alcoholic mezcal that tastes a lot like the real thing, without the hangover. Make your own Mexican inspired mocktail, like an alcohol-free jalapeño margarita! You and your friends will enjoy the taste without the repercussions. 


Make it a movie night. 

If you’re still socially distancing, consider making Cinco de Mayo a Mexican movie night. While the kids are up you can play Coco. After they’re sleeping, consider getting a little more artsy by exploring great Mexican films, like Roma or Lorena, la de pies ligeros. You can easily find both on Netflix! 

You don’t need alcohol to have a festive Cinco de Mayo. By spicing up your life with decorations, cooking, mocktails and movies, you can ensure that you won’t get up to anything that your abuela wouldn’t approve of. Viva México!


Dress the part.

I found these really cute cactus earrings to wear for Cinco de Mayo.  They are from LaurelandThorn . Some other ideas for outfits would be colorful dresses or shirts.  


 Hope you enjoy Cinco de Mayo and celebrate Cinco de Mayo hangover free. 

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