What is a Mocktail?

Mocktails provide the same taste of traditional cocktails in a low-calorie alternative without the effects of alcohol.
Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Our mocktails are handcrafted to bring you the taste of your favorite cocktail in a non-alcoholic version that is low in calories and bursting with flavor. 

Low Calorie Alternatives
With the non-alcoholic mocktails from Enjoy Mocktails, you are not only escaping the effects of alcohol, but also the overwhelming calories and sugar found in traditional cocktails. 

Skip the Hangover
Enjoy a glass, pitcher or bottle of any of our mocktails and escape not only the sugar and calories, but also, escape the hangover! 

Enjoy Mocktails
Shop us online for a large selection of handcrafted mocktails ranging from Moscow Mule to a classic Manhattan or Margarita. 

Where can you enjoy a Mocktail from Enjoy Mocktails?

Mocktail beverages can be enjoyed anywhere you would typically enjoy a traditional cocktail. Unlike alcohol, Mocktails allow you to maintain control over your actions and appearance while still enjoying the great taste of cocktails and socializing. Here are some examples of where you can make your escape with a delicious mocktail from Enjoy Mocktails ...

  • Baby Showers
  • Family Reunions
  • Holiday Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Business Meetings
  • Company Parties
  • Corporate Functions
  • Church/Religious Outings
  • Girls Night Out / In
  • At the Pool / Beach
  • Game Nights
  • And so much more