About Us

Here's a little bit about Enjoy Mocktails!

Hello and welcome to Enjoy Mocktails! Our family knows beverages. We are in our 4th generation in the beverage business. It all started with my grandparents in the Central Valley of California.  Fast forward 50 years and my daughter is learning the beverage business by helping me stage mocktails for photos and videos and she's learning about drinking the healthy way. 

In 2020, right before Covid times, my Dad came to me with an idea to help him create a non alcoholic brand. He is the business side and I am the creative side...it's a fun combination!

Not only did this new beverage venture spark my creativity, but it got me to rethink how I was drinking. I've always been a social drinker.  But, once I became a mom, I realized I drank way too much alcohol.  Just one glass of wine turned into a few glasses, which during covid turned into drinking things straight up or on the rocks. 

I'm proud to admit that I've been much more mindful of my drinking. I've realized that I don't need a drink to have fun or to unwind at night. I feel much more productive in the morning and I like myself a lot better. 


Here's a little about our history in the beverage business... 

Over the last 20 years, we have been creating an array of drinkable products. We’ve made and formulated beverages for large grocery store chains all the way down to small start ups. 

We started in the energy drink world back when Red Bull was getting popular. We created fun flavors like peach and mango flavored energy drink. During this time, we took on the manufacturing side of beverages.  Starting from the ground up, we learned about formulas for beverages, sugar options, label design, trucking and sales.  During those early years I was traveling around the US selling our energy drink.  

Over the years, we’ve worked with some pretty cool companies like Harcos Labs who created the Mana and Health potion for video gamers. We also made a fangtastic fruit punch Blood Energy Potion, the first drinkable synthetic blood substitute for those who crave the taste of blood, but really can’t get the real thing. I have been emailed by a few vampires in my day saying they love the taste of the Blood potion.  We don’t discriminate with our customers! Other beverages we’ve formulated and manufactured are teas, functional drinks and all natural beverages.

Now, we are taking on the task of creating non alcoholic spirits with our own brand, Escape Wise Mocktails and Best Regards. The Best Regards brand name was a label from my great grandfather. We have created and are bringing to you a full line of non alcoholic spirits and mixed cocktails. Time has taught us we sometimes just need to escape the wise way. Our brands fits who we are today - a family who is a little older and a little wiser with our choices. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! 

Cheers and Enjoy - From Mama with a Mocktail 

Meet our Family!

The daughter and mindfully mixing Mama with a Mocktail

Favorite mocktail or spirit?  

If I had to pick my favorite drink, I’d say it’s our Amaretto. We made it with extra almond and sweetness.  I also love our Negroni (which we used to make but don't have anymore). With the sweet and sour combination I like the variety of taste that comes from it. Plus, I love anything that reminds me of Italy!  So, the Limoncello is a sweet treat with some heat.  One of our new products, the Mojito Mule is a summer go to when I want something with some spice and ginger tang.

My favorite spirit is the Cinnamon Whiskey. It tastes just like Fireball, except I don't have the hangover.  I'm a big fan of cinnamon. 

Why I drink our products? 

As a mom, it’s nice to escape with a drink and not feel the effects of a hangover in the morning. I enjoy the taste of alcohol, but not always the way it makes me feel. I can save my alcohol for times when I don’t have the responsibility of working, being a mom, and keeping up with all that comes with that title. I also like that I'm not drinking something that's harmful to my health. 

What I do to Escape?

To escape I like to spend the day exploring outside - the beach, the forest, a nice nature hike. If I have time all to myself, I have to admit I will binge watch Netflix. 

The father and creator behind the brand

Favorite mocktail or spirit?

My favorite spirit is whiskey. I also like a good spicy Blood Mary and also Dirty Martini with a few extra olives.  

Why I drink our products?

I know that alcohol isn’t really the best for my health. I still like to enjoy a cocktail, but I don’t like knowing it’s not the best for me. I’ve tested our product to make sure it tastes as similar as it can to the real stuff. 

What I do to Escape? 

I like spending time gardening in my yard. It keeps me busy and I like being outside. I also get in my daily walk.