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The World's Largest Selection of Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Mocktails and Liqueurs

Come escape with us and enjoy one of our over 30 delicious non-alcoholic spirits, non-alcoholic liqueurs, non-alcoholic cordials or non-alcoholic mocktails. Each of our non-alcoholic beverages are handcrafted with natural extracts for a delicious way to enjoy your escape.

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Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs & Cordials

Explore our delicious non-alcoholic liqueurs and non-alcoholic cordial selections! The perfect alcohol free option for an after dinner mocktail or whenever you are in the mood for a tasty non-alcoholic drink option. We have nine delicious non-alcoholic liqueurs and non-alcoholic cordials to choose from.

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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails & Mocktails

Shop one of the largest selections of alcohol free cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails offered by Enjoy Mocktails. Our variety of non-alcoholic mocktails are handcrafted and ready to drink out of the bottle or used in your favorite non-alcoholic cocktail or mocktail beverage.

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Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Escape Wise Mocktails offers a great selection of low calorie, handcrafted non-alcoholic spirits including non-alcoholic bourbons, non-alcoholic brandy, non-alcoholic gins, non-alcoholic rums, non-alcoholic tequila and non-alcoholic whiskeys. If you are searching for a spirit that offers an alcohol free version, we have you covered! Enjoy our premium non-alcoholic spirit selections them over some ice or use as a base non-alcoholic spirit for your favorite mocktail recipe.

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Non-Alcoholic Variety Packs

Not sure which non-alcoholic drinks to order? Check out our variety packs that were specially chosen for you to enjoy. A great selection of non-alcoholic mocktails and spirits put together just for you!

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Stock Up and Save on clearance and discounted mocktails and non-alcoholic products at huge savings with our clearance sale. Click below to view current clearance items.

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Your Escape Awaits-Relax and enjoy one of our non-alcoholic, handcrafted beverages. 

What is a mocktail? It's a fun twist on the word cocktail. A mocktail has no alcohol in it and tastes great. Our mojito is a mocktail. 

What is a non-alcoholic spirit?  It's a drink like a whiskey, rum or tequila, that is non-alcoholic. 

What is a non-alcoholic liqueur? It's a sweet drink like an amaretto or lemoncello, minus all the alcohol.

Why go non-alcoholic?  There are so many reasons to make the switch to non-alcoholic beverages. One reason is that it's a healthier alternative.  Or maybe it’s time to take a break from drinking alcohol. Making the switch has never been easier. Our products are specially crafted to mimic the taste of your favorite drinks, without all the alcohol. 

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