Drinks, Redefined

Drinks, Redefined

We believe, a drink without alcohol is still is drink.  

Research shows that the act of making a drink fools your brain into thinking that drink you made and are sipping on right now has some of the same effects of alcohol like feeling happier and laughing and being more social - some of the better parts of alcohol, minus the not so great parts like the hangover and hangxiety. This feeling is similar to the placebo affect. 

If before, you'd look forward to pulling out a cold beer, pull out a cold non-alcoholic beer.  

For me, I liked to make mixed drinks.  Now, I get out a fancy glass, reach for the ice, add it to the cocktail shaker, grab my jigger, open the top to the Cinnamon Whiskey bottle and pour in a few shots, shake it and pour into that fancy glass.  Sometimes, I'd top it with soda or sparkling flavored water.  It's the act of making the drink.  

The same goes for wine.  A non-alcoholic bottle of wine looks just like an alcoholic bottle of wine.  They even smell the same too!  Grab you wine glass and get to sipping sober style.

In this blog, we will be taking the alcoholic version of a drink and remaking it the non-alcoholic way.  I'm guessing you will love the NA version as much as the A version.  :)

For our mixing and mocktailing of non-alcoholic drinks, chances are there won't be any measurements.  I've always been a cook, so I don't measure.  I even fail to measure when I bake, but don't tell my mom.  


The Margarita

Yes, Enjoy Mocktails has one a pretty delicious Cadillac Margarita!  It's my favorite because of the sweet heat with touch of salty and tang of citrus.  I chill, pour and enjoy.

But, for those times that I want to go a little low calorie, I salt the rim and add orange juice, a squeeze of lime and a squeeze of lemon. Then, I top it off with a little sparkling water (lemon or orange). It's a very refreshing citrus forward drink.  If you wanted to add some non-alcoholic tequila, our Agave tequila alternative is a great non-alcoholic option.  For the orange juice, Trader Joe's is my go to for fresh juice (with no added sugars).  

Like some spice?  I'll try some spicy ones next...

Here's our Spicy Mango Margarita!  

For this recipe and 7 other non-alcoholic and zero proof margaritas, see our post here. 




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