Celebrate Summer Sober

Celebrate Summer Sober

Are you ready for a sober summer? Summertime celebrations like BBQs with friends, weddings, graduations, and hanging out by the pool, might have equaled doing it with a drink (with alcohol) in your hand.  This summer might be the summer that you want to do things differently.  This summer might be the summer you say no to alcohol, or you limit your drinking, or you decide that it’s time to give this drinking alcohol thing a break.  I get it, alcohol makes you feel more relaxed and summer is the time for relaxing more. But, do you really want to say, “Why did I have to drink that much?” one more time or feel drowsy the next day from your hangover, or even worse be moody with hangxiety.    Focus on you, your health and feeling better…while doing it with a nonalcoholic drink in your hand. This could be the summer that things start to change for you.  I’m not here to say you can’t drink alcohol. I’m just that friendly reminder asking you if you should rethink how you drink. 

Here’s some ways to still celebrate the summer and consider doing it the sober way! 

If your friend is throwing their annual bbq and you know it’s about beers and burgers, bring over some non-alcoholic beer. You’d probably be surprised to know that no one can tell the difference in taste or how you look drinking a non-alcoholic beer. Trader Joe’s is even carrying non-alcoholic beers so they are easier and easier to get. Take time to enjoy the meal, the time with your friends, the memories and the moments.  I’m guessing that a non-alcoholic bbq is still as much fun as it was when you had a strong IPA in your hand.  As a bonus, you don’t have to sleep on your friend’s couch and stumble to the kitchen for water in the middle of the night because your dehydration has taken over at 2 am.  (Gosh….I don’t MISS those nights!)

If your are worried that you friends will “make fun” of you for not drinking alcohol, maybe you need to get different friends. In my younger years I used to make fun of those drunk “old people.” I slowly started to be one of those people.  Now, I’m ok with not being one of those people anymore.  

Does going to a summer wedding sober sound impossible? Have a back up plan…only do the champagne toast since it’s mostly just a sip. Spend the rest of the night happy that you aren’t the drunk fool on the dance floor anymore.   Save room for cake and spend time with friends and family that you haven’t seen for awhile.  

For the guys, you still can have a nightcap  with your fellows after the cake cutting. Grab your flask, which you poured some non-alcoholic whiskey in before you left for the wedding and a Cuban cigar. These premium cigars will remind you of old times with your crew, but this time you can remember what you said.  SwissCuban Cigars.com  has the largest selection of high grade Cuban cigars on the internet.   I asked them to pair some of our non-alcoholic whiskey drinks with their cigar collection and here’s what they said,”For those who appreciate the finer things in life, pairing cigars with a non-alcoholic single malt whiskey can elevate an already luxurious experience. Plasencia cigars, known for their richly aged tobaccos and complex flavors, are best enjoyed without the constraint of time, allowing you to fully appreciate their nuanced elegance. These cigars are perfect for celebrating special moments or simply indulging in a personal retreat. On the other hand, Viva La Vida cigars, crafted for spontaneous enjoyment, are the ideal companion for any social gathering. With a delicious beverage, such as a well-chosen single malt whiskey, in hand, Viva La Vida cigars bring out the joyous side of life, making any occasion memorable. Whether you are savoring the timeless luxury of a Plasencia or the vibrant spirit of a Viva La Vida, both cigars harmonize beautifully with the robust and refined notes of single malt whiskey, offering a perfect pairing for any aficionado.” As a bonus, buy some Cubans for the groom as a gift or bring them to the Bachelor Party.  Buy some for different occasions since many times your cigars can last a while.

Drinks by the pool was a summer activity. It took a few tries for me to master the mocktail poolside. Last year, my sister excitedly said, “look they have a mocktail menu” as she asked for my order during our poolside vacation. And a big thank you to the fancy hotel pool for doing this! If the menu doesn’t have a dedicated mocktail section, the easiest way to have a non-alcoholic pool drink is to ask for a blended smoothy drink.  Most pool bar menus have them since they are kid friendly.  Grab a sip, feel like a kid again and cannonball into the pool.  Or try out a pool that is known for its mocktail menu.  I’ve got to do a little market research on some mocktail menus at pool…company paid work trip? Yes, please!!  Just a little friendly wisdom -  remember those alcohol poolside drinks and how the sun melts the ice and waters them down? This sounds like a waste of money and calories. 

Berry Mockjito

Enjoy Mocktails’s Non-alcoholic Framboise, fresh mint, squeezed lime, squeezed lemon, and club soda.

Cucumber Elderflower Cooler

Muddled cucumber, Enjoy Mocktails’s Non-alcoholic Elderflower liqueur, lemon lime sparkling water.

Summer Rum Punch

Orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, Enjoy Mocktails Non-alcoholic Amaretto, non-alcoholic Spiced Rum, splash of grenadine and top it off with lime sparkling water.  Did you know that you can make grenadine by cooking pomegranate juice and sugar on the stove low and slow? It’s much healthier than what you can buy in the store.

Dark and Stormy

Lime juice, Enjoy Mocktails’s non-alcoholic Spiced Rum, and top it off with Ginger Beer.

Bahama Mama

Enjoy Mocktails’s Non-alcoholic Coconut Rum, Enjoy Mocktails’s Non-alcoholic Spiced Rum, Enjoy Mocktails. JavaRumCrema (coffee flavored liqueur), lemon juice and top with pineapple juice.  

Not ready to make a solo debut this summer but want to stay sober and social?  You host the summer celebration and be in charge of the drinks. When you are the host, you can choose what you want to drink. Set up a spritzer station or Italian sodas. When they ask where the alcohol is, just laugh and say, “oh goodness, I was so busy cooking I forgot to grab some.”  Kind of honest because YES, you forgot to grab it because drinking alcohol isn’t on your radar anymore.  

Thinking about not drinking this summer looks good on you!  Ladies, complete your sober summer look by spending money on a new sexy swimsuit, cover up and fancy sunglasses.  Gentlemen, get that new bbq you’ve been wanting or new camping gear you’ve been eyeing. Spend money on something that you can enjoy for a whole season, not just a few hours.  Sizzle this summer as you celebrate summer sober!!

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