Enjoy Mocktails Launches  Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs

Enjoy Mocktails Launches  Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs

Adding to Enjoy Mocktails' already diverse line of non-alcoholic beverages, they just launched 9 new non-alcoholic liqueurs. Liqueurs are more on the sweeter side and are more for drinking after dinner.


The company launched their products in April 2021 with their 19 flavors of alcohol free spirits and mocktails. Seeing an increased need to add to the alcohol free offerings, their founders chose drinks that were family favorites. Topping their list was the non-alcoholic Amaretto and a zero proof Coconut Rum alternative. Amaretto was a very popular drink that our family would sip on, but since we’ve limited our use of alcohol through the years, we’ve missed this warm, rustic, almond flavored beverage. The Caribbean Coconut was a special request from the co-founder’s sober sister. “My sister loved the taste of Malibu Rum, but wasn’t really a big drinker because of the calories. Now, she’s able to make her tropical favorites like a pina colada or mix it with soda.” Jones said.  


Rounding out the list of liqueurs, Enjoy Mocktails is excited to have some unique non-alcoholic beverages like  a  Sambuca, Lemoncello, and Elderflower. Escape Mocktails is the first company to come up with such a diverse offering of beverages from these categories. Other flavors of liqueurs Escape Mocktails has added to their line include: Framboise, Toasted Hazelnut, Java Rumcrema, Caribbean Coconut, Amaretto, and Orange Cognac. 


With the holidays just ending, Enjoy Mocktail’s new line of liquors would be a good addition for Dry January. This month can be the time to be mindful with drinking.  It may be the time to take break from alcohol, to look a the new year differently.  Even if you aren’t a regular sober celebrator you can put a pause on your drinking and be mindful of what you consume. Think of waking up hangover free or not being embarrassed because of what you did the night before, while intoxicated. It’s a great time to rethink how you drink. 


Enjoy Mocktails has created beverages that mimic the taste of alcohol, minus the effects. So go ahead, enjoy the taste of your favorite beverages, without the hangover.

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