Is it time to be sober curious?

Is it time to be sober curious?

Thinking about not drinking? 

Feeling sober curious? A lot of people are ditching alcohol in order to live their best lives, be healthier, and happier. It’s actually estimated that  about 30% of the US popular skips out on alcohol altogether. Drinking may seem like such a cultural and social staple, but it doesn’t have to be. 

October is known as Sober October. It’s a time to pause drinking alcohol for the month and rethink the amount of alcohol consumed. 

What would be like to commit to an alcohol-free life? Or even just go alcohol free for a week? Think about dancing the night away at a friend’s without wondering if anything embarrassing is up on social media, or going to dinner with a friend and not ordering a few glasses of wine, or what it’s like not to feel hung over and slow in the morning? If all this sounds good, then it may be time to consider going sober for awhile. It’s okay to think about not drinking alcohol. Start by setting a day to go sober and see how it goes.  Being sober curious may be the best thing ever. Here are five ways to enjoy life without a drink.

Discover more interesting ways to hang out with friends.

Going to a bar can be fun, but doesn’t it get a little old sometimes? Think of some ways to be creative about spending time with friends. Being sober curious in a supportive group of people could lead to some really exciting adventures and deeper connections. Friends may also want to join in on the sober curious life. Instead of a night drinking, try something like an indoor skydiving girls night out or throw a game night where everyone has to bring their best mocktail and healthy food dish. It may be more fun to be together since the times with friends is enjoyed with more of a clear head and alcohol free.

Learn about delicious drink alternatives. 

Be honest, when drinking turns into being tipsy and the room starts to spin, is it even fun? While being sober curious, try out drinks that taste good. A non-alcoholic beer, in a cold glass bottle, may be similar to drinking an alcoholic version.  Try to trick your brain into thinking it’s drinking.  Julia Chester, professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University says, “ You can mimic what’s happening in your brain by creating a drink that basically shared all the attributes of the drink that you like, with the absence of alcohol. This will remind your brain and you of feeling good drinking…but without the alcohol.” 

We've created beverages that mimic the taste of alcohol.  Their alcohol free Cinnamon Whiskey, tastes a lot like the popular alcoholic hot cinnamon whiskey.  But, our non-alcoholic drinks are hangover free. BevMo has a good selection of alcohol free drink options like alcohol free wine, beer and spirits.  Popular beer companies like Lagunitas and Golden Road Brewery has alcohol free beer that tastes pretty darn good. 


It will be easier to stay on track with health goals 

It’s easy to skip the gym with a hangover from the night before. Alcohol also slows metabolism. By cutting out alcohol for a little while, it may be easier to see healthy progress. When health is a goal, other things like eating healthy and feeling better just falls into place. 

Being sober curious allows for experience to be felt in a new way 

Although it seems like alcohol takes the edge off of some bigger social events, like weddings or holidays, it’s more fun to experience all of it sober. Alcohol is not needed to have a good time. Not to mention, cutting out alcohol may even help avoid getting in the middle of family drama.

Less drinking equals more spending money 

Alcohol is expensive! Sometimes a restaurant bill can be doubled by ordering a few drinks. Instead of spending that money on alcohol, it can be used for other things.  Ways to spend the money could be on a new hobby like a painting class, or new running shoes, or even a reward once a goal is met. 

It’s time to live an alcohol free life.  This October may be the month to make that change. 

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