Low Calorie Mocktails

Low Calorie Mocktails

With the rise in non-alcoholic drinks, people may be drinking to their health. Not drinking alcohol comes with many health benefits, including consuming something that has less calories. For many lower alcohol beverages, they have less calories than their alcoholic version.. 

We have 9 low calorie mocktails and spirits that are less than 35 calories per serving. Having both non alcoholic versions of popular mocktails and popular spirits. An alcoholic spirit has 70 calories for 1 oz. serving size.  If you look at Escape Mocktails alcohol free spirits, many of them have 35 calories or less for 2 oz of product. 

The best way to drink on a diet would be to reach for a low calorie mocktail since it doesn't have any alcohol.  Think of the last time you were out with friends after drinking alcohol. 

Let’s look at a strong IPA beer. It has 200-300 calories a serving. If you look at a sugary mixed drink, it can have 150-250 calories a serving.  One drink many times turns into 2.  Then, add on fried bar food to munch on and you are looking at a 1,000 calorie addition to what you’ve already had to eat and drink for that day.

Contributor Ester Ellis from eatright.org  says that, “beverage choices are just as important as food choices.  Drinking sugary beverages can contribute unnecessary calories.”

If you are looking to cut back on your drinking and on calories here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Choose low calorie mocktails that are made with real fruit juices. For example, if you are wanting a margarita, why not add in some fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice. That way you are getting the sugar naturally, from the juice.
  • Savor your drink so you don’t feel like you need another one.
  • Eat before you decide to spend the day celebrating with friends. Choose healthy options at home to fill up on so you aren’t tempted to order fries, nachos and jalapeño poppers
  • Add sparkling flavored water to your drink of choice. This is a great way to get the bubbly added in and the extra flavor, without the calories.  Bubbly water has less calories than soda. 

 Here are 5 reasons why low calorie mocktails are your best low calorie option.  

 1. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor by drinking a non-alcoholic drink!  

Alcohol is an acquired taste. Your favorite cocktail is probably your favorite, because you truly enjoy the flavor. That can be really difficult to give up without a good alternative. Thankfully, cutting back on calories doesn’t have to mean sacrificing great taste! We left the flavor and ditched the alcohol that drives up the calorie count in your favorite drink. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the flavor of your favorite cocktail without the calorie commitment? It’s a win-win! 


2. There are way less calories in an Escape Mocktail! 

Trust me, there are WAY less calories in one of our drinks than in your favorite cocktail. If you’re out at a bar and want to enjoy a Cadillac Margarita, one drink alone is 160 calories! Whereas you can have the same flavor experience with a our version, that only sets you back 20 calories. Here’s how all of our mocktails stack up to their alcoholic counterparts! 


Enjoy Mocktail Calories

Alcoholic Drink Calories

Sweet Potato Vodka



Cadillac Margarita









Moscow Mule






Old Fashioned



3. A mocktail won’t result in a hangover. 

After a night out drinking, your weight fluctuation won’t be the only frustrating part of your day. Hangovers are the worst and 100 percent avoidable! Our drinks allow you to be fun and sociable without the pounding headache in the morning. 


4. Our drinks have less sugar than soda! 

If you’re counting calories, you’re probably also being cognizant of your sugar intake. If you want a non-alcoholic drink that still feels like a treat, soda isn’t the answer. In one 12 oz. can of Coca-Cola, there’s 39 grams of sugar. That’s well over the American Heart Association’s recommended 24 grams for women! Our Cadillac Margarita only has five grams of added sugar, making it a beverage decision your doctor can get behind. 


5. Escape Mocktails aren’t boring. 

Calorie counters are always looking for ways to feel like they’re having a cheat day without taking a caloric hit, but girl, sometimes carbonated water just can’t quench your thirst! Sure, it’s zero calories, but if you don’t indulge your taste buds, you’ll just find yourself committing a real cheat. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to slip up and then regret it. J

Next time you are looking for a low calorie option, reach for a low calorie mocktail by Enjoy Mocktails. 

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