Changing the Mommy Wine Culture

Changing the Mommy Wine Culture

When working on this brand, I didn't just want my name behind it. I wanted something that stood out, something that had a little more meaning to it.  Since I was thinking about not drinking alcohol, I thought Mama with a Mocktail was the perfect way to introduce myself.

I'd been working in the beverage business before I was a mom.  In the 10 years I worked in that industry, I helped to manufacture a myriad of excellent projects from mango and peach low calorie energy drinks to a fruit punch Blood Energy Potion. The business literally runs in their blood, with it all starting over 75 years ago with my grandparents making beverages.  We even just launched a new label, Best Regards, which was one of the first labels created by my great grandparents over 75 years ago!  Continuing today with the 4th generation of the family, the youngest of the beverage makers steps in, my daughter, who helps with photoshoots while mixing mocktails, staging the background, and she also gets to see her mom being more alcohol aware - which is something I'd like to teach to her since she will be navigating the pressures of alcohol as she gets older. As compelling and successful as their other beverages have been, this passionate project hits even closer to home. 

When I first got started with the non-alcoholic beverages, I needed a wake up call with my alcohol consumption.  I recently wrote a blog post about sober curious lifestyle and about how the shift from being sober curious first started.

I wanted to set out to change how moms drink. I was guilty of being a wine mom.  It was my way to handle the daily pressures of being a mom and juggling family responsibilities - not to mention the stress of Covid 19. There were times when Mama needed her wine! It would start with me having a glass of wine while making dinner or day drinking because I was home all day. I was ok with the excuses to drink because it was Wine Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday. Soon the wine changed to drinks on the rocks, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.  Then, last year brought a lot of changes for me. I realized my mommy drinking may not have been the best combination for me, for my health, and for my family. 

Now, it’s nice to escape with a non-alcoholic drink and not feel the effects of a hangover in the morning. I enjoy the taste of alcohol, but not always the way it makes me feel.  I was excited when my dad came to me with the idea of creating a mocktail business.  I’m happy to be back in the beverage business, drinking less alcohol, and feeling better about myself.  I’d really like other moms to think before they drink.  I’d also like to be more open about my experiences with drinking. It’s ok to save drinking alcohol for special times when I don’t have the responsibility of working, being a mom, and keeping up with all that comes with that title.” 

You can see where I share my journey with being more mindful about drinking alcohol and being more alcohol aware on our blog and on social media.

Want to know my favorite Enjoy drinks?

The Cinnamon Whiskey is my top favorite. I was a Fireball drinker, so our non-alcoholic whiskey comes pretty darn close to the alcohol version. I can still have a tasty beverage but not have the effects of alcohol. 

My other favorites are: Amaretto, Gin, Spiced Rum, Cadillac Margarita, Pete' Blend, and the Sambucca.  We have a lot of drinks to choose from! 

Escape was launched in 2021, with the goal of bringing a full line of non-alcoholic spirits. liqueurs and mixed cocktails to consumers looking for a healthy alternative to drinking without sacrificing flavor. With a focus on flavor, Enjoy  offers everyone a respite without the repercussions.

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