Struggles with Sobriety - A Poem

Struggles with Sobriety - A Poem

Emotions can be expressed in different ways. Our guest blogger Mary Montgomery shares with us her struggles with being tempted to drink. 

I reached for it

It was sitting in the fridge

Hidden in the back


Staring  back at me

Tempting me a little

It was one of those days where I wanted to hide in the pain

The tears would not stop

I wanted to dull the pain

Live in the fog of life

I reached for me

Immediately feeling the comfort of the cold

Drifting into that world

Thinking one would be ok

Taking a sip

Dipping down in the evil world that I want to dance with

I don’t have the strength to lift myself up

Torn down from ever bitter word spoken to me

The hatred brews from inside

But I don’t let them win

They have already destroyed so much of me

My soul dark and ripped out

I scream louder that they will not win

I do not give in

I do not drink more

I do not please them

I will not give in

I will rise up

I am enough


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