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Escape Wise Mocktails

Amaretto Liqueur Non-Alcoholic Cordial

Amaretto Liqueur Non-Alcoholic Cordial

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Bright and luxurious with flavors of amaretto and heat. 

Our non-alcoholic Amaretto  holds a special place in our family's heart, which is why we knew it had to be a part of our carefully curated beverage selection. Amaretto, known for its delectably sweet profile with luxurious notes of almond, vanilla, and cherry, exudes a warmth that makes it irresistibly comforting. Our non-alcoholic Amaretto alternative has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that it captures the essence of the beloved liqueur perfectly. Through extensive taste testing at various gatherings, including parties, events, and holiday celebrations, it has proven to be a hit among those seeking a delightful and sophisticated beverage option. At Enjoy  Mocktails, our range of non-alcoholic liqueurs and cordials presents a tantalizing way to indulge in exquisite flavors without the need for alcohol. Our products are expertly crafted, conveniently bottled, and ready to be enjoyed at any time. This particular mocktail is just one example of our commitment to providing low-calorie options, boasting a mere 25 calories per serving, allowing you to revel in its delicious taste without any guilt. Join us on this flavorful journey and savor the non-alcoholic liqueur experience. 

This mocktail is one of our low calorie drinks with 25 calories per serving. 


Mary says, "Was surprised by the taste. Pretty close to the real thing."

Linda H. says, " The non-alcoholic amaretto is yummy and incredibly potent, so you don’t have to use much. Spiced rum and limoncello are as good as the real things! My husband, who would never even consider a mocktail, was shocked how good they are, and emphatically stated, “That’s delicious!”

Suzanne F. says, "This drink is for Amaretto lovers. Amaretto lovers found this non-alcoholic drink very satisfying. I was thrilled to be able to serve all at our holiday table. So many not wanting alcohol beverages any more. This was a great alternative."

Grace D. says, "This non-alcoholic amaretto is delicious! This tastes so much like the real one I am so happy! My mom is also a big fan of amaretto too so I had her try it as another test and she loved it, she especially loved that it's alcohol free. For me I need the alcohol free for a bit because of certain medications so I am glad to find an alternative that tastes so good! Will definitely buy again, thanks Escape!"

Toby C. says, "I really enjoyed this non-alcoholic beverage. Not too sweet with a hint of cinnamon and almond…pairs well with chocolate! Also high praise to Escape Mocktails for their quick response to confusion during the ordering process (my fault). Excellent (and personal) customer service."

Danielle B. says, "This non-alcoholic amaretto is excellent . I'm so thrilled with this product. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this product. I love this product ..The amaretto tastes like amaretto. I am thrilled that there is no alcohol what so ever. I used to drink and no longer do because of religious convictions. The rest of my family uses alcohol products. I am so thrilled that I can participate and have the same experience with no alcohol. Shipping time is excellent. When are you going to make a bourbon? sparkling whine. I am planning on sampling all. Next purchases will be tequila, coconut rum, and limoncello. Cheers and Happy New Year."

Penny H. says, "Hello Amaretto sours!I love Amaretto before I quit drinking and I’m more than thrilled to have found this zero alcohol version that tastes exactly like the “real” thing! Mixed with some sweetened lime juice it makes the perfect non-alcoholic Amaretto sour mocktail!! I love it!!"

Size: 750 ml 

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience a delay in your fulfillment and delivery due to extreme weather conditions in parts of the United States. Pictures shown are for illustration purposes. Product color and bottle fill line may differ slightly due to bottle shape variations. All bottles contain 750-775ml of product.


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See Nutrition Facts Label image for ingredients and nutritionial information for this product.


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