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Escape Wise Mocktails

Limoncello Liqueur Non-Alcoholic Cordial

Limoncello Liqueur Non-Alcoholic Cordial

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Meet our non-alcoholic limoncello liqueur.  It's bright and balanced with flavors of Sicilian lemon and cane sugar. 

Imagine an intense lemon flavor with a sweet finish and a bit of heat - this is how our non-alcoholic Limoncello tastes. The burst of citrus from the Sicilian lemons is a fresh taste and reminds us of a warm summer day on the Amalfi Coast - hey, can’t a girl dream! This drink is traditionally served chilled in a small shot glass. This sweet liqueur is meant to be sipped slowly and enjoyed.  

If you want to escape to Italy, then our non-alcoholic Limoncello is perfect for daydreaming.

Enjoy Mocktails has a variety of non-alcoholic liqueurs, cordials and liqueur alternatives Our drinks are a delicious way to enjoy a non-alcoholic life!  Check out more of our non-alcoholic liqueurs like our non-alcoholic Amaretto, alcohol free Caribbean Coconut Rum, non-alcoholic Sambuca and non-alcoholic Orange Brandy.  


Anisah L. says, "I love it! The taste alone is amazing! The texture is amazing! Will be ordering more of the non-alcoholic limoncello again.

Crystal D. says, "Delicious! I quit drinking a little over two years ago and am on a constant mission to find fun alternatives. I came across Escape in one of my NA groups and I am so glad that I did! I really enjoy this Limoncello, as I really enjoyed Lemon Drop Martini's back when I drank. It is light and refreshing and not heavy in sugar, either. I mix it with an NA gin and serve it ice cold in a martini glass. It has a bit of a "warmth" to it that I really enjoy, without the guilt of drinking real alcohol that I saw often had. It's been a wonderful alternative to have and not feel as though I am "missing out." Thanks so much for making such a delicious beverage! "

John K. says, "This is a great limoncello choice. I've always enjoyed the tart citrus flavor and unique aroma of limoncello. I recently bought and tried the Escape version and find it is remarkedly close to the alcohol version on both counts. It is a very satisfying cordial and I am pleased to have this non-alcoholic limoncello as one of my non-alcohol beverage choices." 

Alexander M. says, "A solid replacement. There is a pleasant heat and sweetness to this non-alcoholic limoncello."

Janis E. says, "This non-alcoholic beverage is smooth and delightful The Limoncello was my favorite NA cocktail that I purchased. It has such a deep lemon taste, and is not overly sweet. Though there is no alcohol, when sipping it there is a bit of a "bite" on your tongue that is lovely. I'll definitely be reordering."

Michael A. says, "There is a sweet and citrusy taste with just a hint of heat in this limoncello alternative.  This is an absolutely a joy to drink. It's a perfect balance of sweet and citrus, with a little bit of heat to represent the alcohol

Bryan S. says, "This is the best NA limoncello. This tastes like the real thing. It even has I slight tingly burn on the aftertaste."

Lydia F. says,  "What an excellent non-alcoholic limoncello. This drink is sweet, crisp and very drinkable. Looks, smells, pours and tastes like the real thing. You don't get the initial sting of alcohol, but there is a slight pleasing mouth tingle during the aftertaste."

Susan S. says, "Tasty non-alcoholic alternative. We tried your products for "dry January". Once again, pleasantly surprised how much Escape products taste like the real thing. We added a splash of seltzer to our non-alcoholic Limoncello and enjoyed a flavorful cocktail! Not missing the alcohol at all, we are going to continue into "dry February"!"

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