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Escape Wise Mocktails

Eau de Vie - American Brandy Spirit

Eau de Vie - American Brandy Spirit

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Flavored elegance - warm and fruitful with flavors of cherry, vanilla, dried fruit, spices and sweet heat.

Embodied within the very name that it carries, eau de vie, translated elegantly as “water of life” from the French language, not only pleases the palate, but also brings a joyous melody when spoken aloud. This unsung hero among the world of spirits opens up a Pandora’s box of flavors, intertwining notes of vanilla, cherries, and a symphony of fruits and spices in our very own interpretation of a non-alcoholic cognac.

The essence of eau de vie lies in encapsulating the purest form of its source material, ensuring that each and every drop carries the distinct aroma and flavors of its botanical components, providing a transcendental experience to the senses. Picture a silky concoction, harmoniously merging sweet warmth, vanilla, and the vibrant tang of cherry, joining forces with spices and dried fruit to create the masterpiece that is eau de vie. This non-alcoholic elixir, crafted with care and precision, radiates a delightful fruitiness that lingers on the palate in the most mesmerizing way.

To truly savor the opulence that eau de vie has to offer, the ideal way to enjoy it is in its purest form – neat in a glass, letting each sip transport you to a realm of pure bliss. This exquisite libation, this non-alcoholic symphony of flavor, is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Enjoy Mocktails in providing a delightful recourse for those seeking to revel, savor, and cherish the non-alcoholic lifestyle. With eau de vie by your side, every moment becomes an occasion to celebrate the beauty of life itself, one sip at a time.

This product is one of our low calorie options at only 5 calories per serving.

Size: 750 ml

PLEASE NOTE: You may experience a delay in your fulfillment and delivery due to extreme weather conditions in parts of the United States. Pictures shown are for illustration purposes. Product color and bottle fill line may differ slightly due to bottle shape variations. All bottles contain 750-775ml of product.


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See Nutrition Facts Label image for ingredients and nutritionial information for this product.


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